StormBorn is coming!


The War of Legends is upon us!

Check out StormBorn on your mobile device today! A totally new way to build an army of heroes and battle!

JuiceBox Games is 3 years old!



Crazy that we’ve been making games together for 3 years at JuiceBox. Today marks the official 3rd year anniversary of filling our paperwork to create this amazing company. We started with a tight group of passionate founders and have built something really incredible. Game-making is a challenging business but I couldn’t ask for a more creative, fulfilling, and exciting job.

Today we are proud to announce that we’ve launched our 2nd game in 3 years. Stay tuned for A LOT more details.

Title 2 Announced! Codenamed: Sword Storm

Last week, TechCrunch wrote an article about JuiceBox Games, with some key HonorBound milestones: 5M installs and $7 million in revenue – wow! They also announced our second title, Sword Storm, and we are really excited to finally start talking about our next game. The feedback from fans and friends in the gaming developer community has been awesome and energizing!

Sword Storm is a very special project and we can’t wait to share more of it. We learned a ton with HonorBound. Our mission is to nail the core qualities of the RPG/CCG that fans love. In Sword Storm, players will find an amazingly deep and beautiful cast of heroes. And wait til you see the way you can fight with your heroes. Our combat system is totally new. There’s nothing out there like it and we know players are going to love it!

The attached are shows some of Sword Storm’s heroes! From left: a druid, rogue, fighter, warlock and magician. Each hero brings different skills and advantages to battle. With over 30 classes in our game, players will have a totally new type of strategic choice during combat.

Stay tuned!

HonorBound passes the 1500 hero mark!

Two years ago, when we first decided to make a collectible card game we hung Pokemon collection posters ALL OVER our office. These posters served as inspiration, provided our team with a bar for character diversity, but most importantly it clarified just how much work creating a substantial library of playable, animated characters was going to be.

Since then, the JuiceBox team has remained hard at work imagining, constructing and animating new heroes for our players. Each hero is conceived as a miniature story that incrementally expands the HonorBound universe. Once the hero is visually designed, artists create up to 4 variations of that hero for our players to unlock by ‘evolving’ duplicate copies. By including these variations, this milestone brings us to over 1500 unique hero designs.

This month, after shipping our 1504th hero we realized that we passed Pokemon in library size.  To celebrate the milestone and all the sweat it took to get here, we took some time to create our own series of posters.

Thanks for the pizza!

Took us a while to figure out who ordered the office pizza. Turns out it was HonorBound player and superfan, Lump77777, who knows us really well (even ordered one gluten-free pizza!).

“Lunch is on me. Thanks for all your work!”

Fan Pizza

They’re after me lucky charms

Thanks to our friends at Google Play for showing some St. Patrick’s Day love to HonorBound! Let us know what you think of our exclusive holiday content!
st patricks day

What a year for JuiceBox! Looking forward to 2015!

JuiceBox 2014 in review

Thanks to Zak for putting together this sweet infographic!

JuiceBox Holidays

HonorBound Forum is live!

We’re happy to launch our HonorBound forum:

The player interest and support for learning and discussing all things HonorBound has been really humbling. We want to use this dedicated HonorBound home as a place to engage with our players. We’ll post news about the game and listen to our players for feature feedback.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 17.13.48

New Digs

JuiceBox Games has moved for the third time (fourth if you count McG’s living room) and I think we’ve found a long-term HQ.

From our humble and cramped beginnings in Suites 508 and 305, we finally have the room to lean back in desks and not collide with the person behind you. What a luxury!

There’s still a lot to improve to make this place truly feel like home, but the signage on the door is a great start! We’ll share more pics as we get it feeling more like JuiceBox.

jb hq