Building (& Playing) Honorbound Daily

Building a game from scratch can sometimes feel like an overwhelming endeavor. With so many possibilities and loads of cool feature and system ideas, it’s like getting that first sentence of a novel on a blank page.

We’ve found the best way to get around this is to test things out. Build them quickly and see what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a pic of our awesome game on the iPhone (we’re also playing on iPad and Nexus). We’ve got early rigs and early character art battling it out…
iPhone screenshot (also playing on iPad and Nexus). Early rigs and early character art battling it out…
For example, the first build of our battle system was functional, but the visuals felt a little slow and clunky. We were all a bit concerned how we could make it more exciting. The solutions we tossed around required expensive new builds or fundamental changes to the game. Jason created a new build with a few subtle tweaks to the engine; everyone was playing before lunch; and the game felt great. Not only did the battles resolve quicker (initial goal), but a melee resulted and they felt more exciting too (bonus).

We’ve been really pleased with the progress of Honorbound so far. Jason and Darren are building core systems and getting them in the game at a steady pace. Features start in-game with Google-image sourced dev art (think Mario goombas for bad guys). As art comes in from Zak and the outsourcers, it gets plugged in for huge upgrades in polish of the game.

The foundation of the game is here: battles, dungeons, world map, town, buildings, squad management, differentiated classes. We’re on our way…


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